The Science of Knowing™

Monitor your cat's health at home with the help of Blücare®

Health Monitoring

Blücare develops and produces feline health tools for veterinarians and cat parents. Our tests help detect early signs of diseases in cats by tracking biomarkers with great accuracy.

The Blücare® Technology

Blood and glucose can be indicators of feline urinary tract diseases and feline diabetes. Blücare granules are biomarker detection tools that allow you to detect blood and/or glucose in your cat's urine, even at low levels.


The test is negative for blood and/or for glucose in your cat's urine. There are no indicators of disease detectable by our granules.

Light Blue (or green)

Very small amounts of blood or glucose may be present in the urine. Monitor your cat for the next 24 to 48 hours. If your cat's behavior is unusual and/or you still notice a bluish discoloration, contact your veterinarian.


The granules have detected blood and/or glucose in your cat's urine. It's advisable to contact your veterinarian.

Approved by Veterinarians

We work with a team of seasoned veterinarians from North America and Europe to ensure scienfitic rigor in the development and production of our products. All of our products are studied and approved internally and externally.